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Twin City Bail Bonds LLC provides appeal bonds, appearance bonds, cash bonds, and bail bonds for clients in Minnesota. When you work with one of our licensed and professional bail bond agents, you will be served as quickly as possible to get your loved one out of jail in a timely manner. We offer mobile services to speed up the bail bond process so your loved one doesn’t need to spend a minute longer in jail than necessary or required. Call us at (651) 206-7530 to speak with one of our compassionate and helpful bail bond agents.

Information on Minnesota’s Bail Laws

Minnesota has a large volume of incarcerated men and women in the United States. Sadly, many of the people sitting behind bars are victims of an unfair legal system. Fortunately, a bail bond by Twin City Bail Bonds LLC can get your friend or family member out of jail quickly so you and your loved one can seek legal help and prepare the strongest possible defense.

The State of Minnesota has a lengthy code of regulations and statutes regarding bail bonds. Although it’s not important for you to know all of the state’s bail bond laws, there are a few regulations that may be pertinent to your situation. For example, no bail bond executed by a bail bondsman may be accept the bondsman’s name appears on the most recent list maintained by the Chief Clerk of the District Court. It’s also important to keep in mind that the condition of any bail bond is that the defendant personally appear at all scheduled court appearances.